Basic Information of autocad

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Introducing Auto CAD 2007

When you working in Education or in industry, you may be configured your computer. Such as given below:


  • Open AutoCAD 2007
    Or Double Click on AutoCAD 2007 Icon


  • Select Use a Wizard
  • Select Quick Setup
  • Pick or Click Ok.

Step 1: Units Setting:

Choose Units: Which units use to work

Say your working procedure is in meter /Millimeter then you choose Decimal

Or your working procedure is in Inch/Feet then you choose Engineering/Architectural

Click Next


Step 2: Area Setting:

You would like to work Decimal units then you get width: 297, Length:420


You use to Engineering/ Architectural Set up you get width: 100’X 100’

Click Finish.

Step 3: Zoom Setting:

  • Z enter for Zoom.

    •  A enter for Zoom all.

Step 4: Ortho Setting

  •   Press F8 for Ortho On/Off. Or Right click on ortho  and on/off.

Step 5: UCS Setting:


  • View from menu bar


  • Display
  • UCS Icon
  • Origin Uncheck or Origin Click.